The greatest hindrance to home ownership?


The biggest hindrance to home ownership for the people is Regulations and Taxation. Both those regulatory bodies in Ontario can add up to $49,000 to the cost of a home in the Ottawa region.

Most new home builds add these costs to the cost of borrowing and mortgage those funds, including HST, causing further debt repayment in interest and amortization over a 20 yr payment life.

Conservation Authorities are the largest wealth tax grab, that we saddle new home buyers (youth and first-time home buyers) with. The Ontario Libertarian Party will eliminate Conservation Authorities.

The Ontario Libertarian Party will eliminate the Municipal Act, in favour of local governance, to decentralize the power of Queens Park in Ontario.

The Ontario Libertarian Party will end the Land Title transfer tax and make it a simple fee of $275.

The Ontario Libertarian Party will end the Ontario Building Code requirement on private property. What that means is the OBC will be a guide and not law.

Youth will then be able to buy land, and live in a RV, Yurt, tiny home, and save to build home using cash, and the type and size of home suitable to their needs.  This includes off grid applications.

Home ownership and property rights are the first steps to a free society.


How  long does it take for a new couple to save enough for a downpayment on a home in a major city? How much less time would it take if government did not take a significant bite out of their earnings? How much does the carbon tax add to the price of materials that must be delivered to the building site, and to the cost of food and other items we buy every week?