Jim McIntosh

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Read Atlas Shrugged in 1966 and became a libertarian, but I didn't know the term until my MPP told me I sounded like the Libertarian Candidate (David Tootill) campaigning in the 1975 Ontario General Election. I didn't join the Party until the following election, 2 years later. For about the next decade, I was a candidate for both the Libertarian Party of Canada and the Ontario Libertarian Party in almost every election. I was Treasurer of the Party from about 1992 until 2017, and have been CFO for almost all of our candidates, including all 118 of the Party's candidates in the 2018 General Election. I was reappointed as Treasurer in April 2021. 

I have been happily married since 1961 and have four children and four grandchildren. I graduated from Engineering Physics at University of Toronto. I was raised in Toronto and have lived in Saskatchewan, Montreal and Vancouver.