Real solutions to the over reach of government

Ontario Charter

Accountability In Government. What the heck does that even mean?

Who ever goes to jail for spending improperly, trampling our rights. It is those questions you should be asking. God forbid you should not pay your taxes, or erect a building ... because for sure they will show up and hold YOU to account.

This problem all boils down to property rights, and authority. These 2 powers, in which you have very limited command over, are what allows the State to have authority over your body, your land, your work and YOUR children.

We address that in our platform, Freedom of Choice, and our Made in Ontario Charter of Rights and Freedoms, similar to Alberta's declaration, but more closely aligned to Quebec's sovereign rights.

Decentralization of government to regional control, so you can address your MPP directly, Recall Legislation to remove your MPP when they don't do as directed by voting of the people.