Education Solutions? Put parents back in charge!

Girl Learning

We at the Ontario Libertarian Party have advocated and platformed our Education plan for the last 15 yrs as Parents Choice.  What that means is that parents shall have the final say of who teaches their children.  To make that happen, we will attach that funding to the child.

Unions and Government will no longer have any power to promise to improve outcomes.

Opt In/Out is another option we present to revenue collected and spent.

The current state of Education is more indoctrination than focusing core learning skills.  Our children are the future, and we need strong, empowered young entrepreneurs to drive the economy, to create the new ideas.

Parents will own that future and power, they will control that political sphere.

Whether public, private or even homeschooling ... the funding will follow that child. It is that simple.


Vouchers and Opt Out still depends on robbing Peter to pay Paul. And given the government-run schools are doing a lousy job, they shouldn't be doing it at all.

It was Edgar Ryerson (now "cancelled") who believed "education should be as free as the air" and convinced the government to provide "free" education. Maybe that's how the politician discovered they could get elected by offering free goodies to the voters.