To enjoy feedom, you must accept responsibility


PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: refers to the idea that, with Freedom, comes the Responsibility to do no harm to others, just as you expect them to do no harm to you.

The 4 pillars of our 2022 Election platform include Personal Responsibility. How did we get to the point where the state intrudes in every aspect of our lives.
For example, you want to be a farmer, self sufficient, permits, restrictions on what you can sell and grow.  Education, who and what curriculum is dictated to teach our children.  Medical sovereignty and you own your body.
The ever encroaching state has tried it's hardest to regulate and control every step of your day.
We believe that people what to exercise more rights, more freedoms in economy, bodily choice, education and as for the government,  just get out of my way.  Let me live and I will regulate my life better than you can.

With freedom to choose, it inherently comes the responsibility to do better for you and your family.


I like this comment from Chapter 1 of Mary Ruwart's book, Healing Our World.

"If we assault, cheat or steal form our neighbours, we create animosity and strife in our neighbourhood, we believe that these same actions will create harmony and abundance when undertaken for the common good in our community, state, nation, and world."

Most people would not assault, cheat or steal from their neighbours.Most adopt the idea of "live and let live", or the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Therefore they are following the libertarian non-aggression principle. My freedom to swing my arm ends at your nose. If it doesn't stop, you are responsible for the pain and damage you cause.