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The Political Contribution Tax Credit for Individuals rewards you for participating in the political process in Ontario by giving you up to $1450.89 in refundable tax credits. Official information about this tax credit is available here. The Ontario Libertarian Party has made arrangements through Stripe so you can make recurring monthly donations.

To get the credit, you need to:

  • be an Ontario resident on December 31 of the tax year, and
  • have made a contribution during that year to a candidate in an Ontario provincial election, or to a registered Ontario political party, registered constituency association or registered leadership contestant. You cannot claim this credit for contributions to municipal or federal elections.

Your total donations for the year to the Ontario Libertarian Party cannot exceed $3315. You can also donate up to $3315 to each of our Constituency Associations.

The amount of credit depends on how much you donate to each organization in 2022. The rate is:

  • 75 per cent on the first $437 of donations
  • 50 per cent on the portion of your donation between $437 and $1,457
  • 33.33 per cent on the portion between $1,457 and $3,315
We have an online calculator below to help you calculate your tax credit.

Please note:

  • Corporations and Unions may not make contributions to political parties, Constituency Associations or candidates for provincial parliament. This includes Stripe accounts in the name of an incorporated business or Association.
  • If you are not a resident of Ontario you may not make a donation to the Party. You may become a member and pay $10 for a one year membership.

Unlike the other parties, the Ontario Libertarian Party does not receive any government subsidies to finance its operations. 100% of our financing comes from the voluntary contributions of Party members. We are very efficient with the monies we receive and operate with an all volunteer Executive Committee.

Donations in Kind

We can accept cash donations up to $25, and donations of goods and services used by the Party. If you are a member of the Party and have marketable skills in the areas of accounting, bookkeeping, graphics design, web design, telemarketing, or business administration, we may be able to offer you an opportunity to receive tax receipts in exchange for your donations of services to the party. Please contact us if you want to make such arrangements.

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