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If you think there is too much Government, and life would be better if there was more emphasis on non-Government solutions to problems in society, well, you will find good company with us! With every new member, we get a little stronger and have a better chance of stopping the train wreck that is the Ontario Government.

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Please Note: 

  • Please use Upper and Lower Case letters when you complete the on-line form - so we can mail your information correctly addressed. 
  • In the 2023 calendar year, a person could contribute up to a limit of $3,350. This $3,350 limit is aggregated across all registered constituency associations and nomination contestants of any one registered party.
  • In the 2023 Calendar year, donations to political parties in Ontario qualify for refundable tax credits up to 75% on the first $465, 50% between $465 and $1,552 and 33.33% between $1,552 and the maximum of $3,350 per year. For more details on the refundable tax credits, please see the Ontario Ministry of Finance page.
  • The Party must report to Elections Ontario the name, address and contributions of individuals who contribute more than $100 during the year.  Elections Ontario will make this information public. The Party will not share your information with any other organization. 
  • If you are not a resident of Ontario, you may become a member and pay $20 for a one-year membership, but monies received will not be treated as a donation.


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Associates do not have voting privileges and cannot be candidates or members of the Executive Committee.
If you don't wish to join the Party but would like to support our efforts, skip over to the donation page - We appreciate your help!