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Zachary Tisdale

Zachary Tisdale

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Zachary believes the key to prosperity in Ontario is through reducing the size and cost of our provincial government, finding market-based solutions to economic issues, empowering business owners and encouraging foreign investment through lower taxes and deregulation, respecting personal expression to one's lifestyle, identity, and religion, defending property rights, individual rights, bodily autonomy, and the rights of parents to raise their children how they see fit, and by holding establishment political parties accountable for expensive and inefficient programs and lobbyist corruption.

He was inspired to enter politics after witnessing the vast government overreach during the COVID-19 pandemic as small businesses were destroyed by lockdowns, the rise in mental health and substance abuse issues from forced isolation, the failures of our healthcare system to provide us with adequate care, how people's medical rights were violated and their jobs taken away, property rights and travel rights were violated, how children's education and development was interrupted, how dissenting voices were vilified and silenced, how peaceful protests were violently suppressed, and the increase in censorship by the government, media organizations, and big technology companies.

Zachary is the Business Analytics and Segmentation Lead for a Mutual Insurance Company, specializing in farm insurance. He is a Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional and Associate of Insurance Data Analytics, and is the upcoming Chair on the Kawartha-Durham Council of the Insurance Institute of Canada.

Zachary lives in Lindsay, Ontario with his wife Amanda and their children Mackenzie and Connor. He grew up in Bradford and Aurora, and graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Mathematics and Business Administration, with a minor in economics.

My Positions

Housing - Address the price of housing by reducing red tape for developers to build more homes! Encourage market solutions and competition to reduce the cost of rent! Ensure sustainable levels of immigration!

Healthcare & Education - Improve our healthcare system by introducing more options for care, while protecting universality and accessibility! Support Opt-In and Opt-Out legislation to give people more control. Respect individual's choices with regards to vaccinations and masks! Support parental rights over their children's education, reduce administrative costs and fight bureaucracy!

Jobs & the Economy - Fight inflation and rising cost-of-living by reducing the size and cost of government! Eliminate wasteful spending and handouts for special interest groups! Oppose the return of any COVID mandates and lockdowns! Advocate for those who lost their employment over their vaccination status! Encourage private-sector competition and free trade. Empower people and encourage businesses through deregulation and lower taxes! Reduce the HST from 13% to 10%! Eliminate the Carbon Tax! Reduce personal income taxes! Cut the Corporate Tax rate from 11.5% down to 10%, and then down to 8% within 5 years! End Corporate welfare! Pay down the provincial debt! Advocate for alternative currencies!

Transportation & the Environment - Minimize the impact of the Bradford By-Pass on York-Simcoe residents and the environment by advocating for the use of natural land barriers and trees to reduce noise!

Eric Cummings

Eric Cummings

About Me

I grew up in Temagami and am a resident of Temiskaming Shores. Moved away in 2016 but always felt like something was missing. My wife of eight years and our four children moved back to the area in 2020 and purchased a small hobby farm and it is the best decision we could have made.

I am an avid outdoorsman with an education in both natural resource management and adventure tourism. 

I am community oriented with a history of volunteer experience.

  • Lorne Pacey young volunteers award.
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada.
  • Fisheries Management Zone 11 Committee.
  • Two years Temiskaming Shores Volunteer Fire Department.

Why Libertarian?

In the last provincial election, I was sitting in the parking lot of the polling station and was frustrated with our current parties. I had every intention of walking in and spoiling my ballot. I felt the urge to look through the smaller parties on the ballot in my region, and that is when I discovered the Ontario Libertarian Party. I felt that the platform and principles were something that I could truly relate to. Throughout the pandemic, I began to see things that frustrated me and pushed me to want to be an advocate and a voice for the Freedom of Choice movement.

Coreen Corcoran


Coreen Corcoran was elected to the position of Deputy Leader on October 24th, 2021. She was the Ontario Libertarian Party candidate for Nepean-Carleton during the Ontario Election in 2014 and is currently the president of the OLP Ottawa-Vanier constituency association. She also ran as the Libertarian Party of Canada candidate for Ottawa-Vanier in 2015, and for Ottawa-Centre in 2019.

Coreen is running because she wants to spread different ideas about how the government fits into our lives. "We are battling against more than 50 years of increased government control over how we are allowed to live our lives. Less government control and more personal freedom to choose what is right for ourselves and our families will lead to a more prosperous Ontario. More government handouts to individuals, and picking which companies and industries to bail out lead to less inspiration, imagination, and innovation. Ontario has an educated workforce that could become leaders in their respective industries if given the freedom to create without constraints imposed upon them through government regulation.".

"What the main parties fail to realize is that the demographics across Ontario are changing with more households headed by single people and seniors. Handouts and tax breaks for families don’t apply to their lifestyles. What this province needs in order to get out of debt and back on track is less government regulation and interference in our everyday lives. Entrepreneurs shouldn’t have to deal with red-tape at multiple levels of government. Consumers should have access to more choices in healthcare, education, and other service providers.". 

Coreen has lived in Ottawa most of her life and also lived and worked in the United States and England. She grew up in Ottawa South and attended Carleton University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree. In 2016, she completed a Master of Arts with a specialization in Global Change. She loves to travel and has visited many cities and countries. Each one has given her a new perspective on the way people around the world live. She shares her home in Beacon Hill with her husband Robin, their dog, and two cats.

Gene Balfour

Gene Balfour

Gene is a resident of Fenelon Falls, Ontario.  It’s a rural town located in the electoral riding of Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock, home to 114,000 residents. Prior to 2016, Gene lived in Thornhill, Ontario - a thriving suburb of Toronto which boasts a very ethnically-diverse community. 

Since joining the Ontario Libertarian Party in 2007, Gene has been a tireless Less Government Advocate in many elections and is convinced that this is the only path to achieve genuine Freedom of Choice for every citizen. Gene fundamentally believes that the excessive size, cost and scope of authority is the single most significant cause of most problems in modern society. 

Our #1 problem is the rising cost of living. The main causes are excessive taxation, counter-productive and burdensome legislation, and numerous deterrents to entrepreneurial success, employment and prosperity for everyone.

Governments hold a monopoly on power in society. The abuse of this power destroys public trust in each other and our public institutions. For example, when the Ford government assumed and prolonged the mostly-unjustified pandemic emergency orders, their policies of mass lockdowns and restrictions were a profound failure. The unconstitutional vaccine mandates and the autocratic treatment of peacefully protesting truckers who suffered from misguided policies  have served to jolt many citizens into a state of disbelief that these actions were actually occurring in Canada. 

Less Government is the only common sense antidote to the ills of Big and Bigger Governments. This became increasingly evident to Gene as a father raising two daughters and as a business professional over a 42-year career. 

Soon  after graduating from the University of Waterloo in 1975 with an Honours B.Sc. Kinesiology, Gene worked as a Physical Fitness consultant, a fitness and medical instrumentation Sales professional, and a staff Kinesiologist in a Toronto hospital. He then joined IBM Canada on the Ontario Government Account team in sales and support roles over the next 4 years. Subsequently, Gene built a successful practice as an IT Recruiter over the next 28 years, during which he interviewed over 10,000 job candidates to serve the staffing needs of clients in a variety of economic sectors. 

From 2010 to 2018, Gene was Director, Talent Supply Chain for a Canadian consulting company. He played a critical role in building a fledgling international consulting business into a successful operation. The teams we assembled successfully completed systems integration projects that improved the manufacturing and supply chain productivity at  over 120 plants in the USA, Mexico, Brazil and France. 

When not working, Gene has been quite active in sports and fitness. He has competed in many sports including hockey, rugby, cross country ski racing and participated in 19 marathons as a runner and Nordic Cross skater. In 2008, Gene also became a business co-owner and subsequent Board member for the top cross-country ski and mountain bike center in Ontario.

Finally, an avid student of Economics and Politics, Gene has read dozens of related books and learned extensively from hundreds of Internet podcasts. He eagerly applies this learning as a Libertarian candidate in every election. In addition, Gene served as Chairman for the Ontario Libertarian Party for the June 2018 election, which produced the best results of any Libertarian political party in Canada’s history.

While Gene’s name appears on election ballots, his primary purpose is to continually advocate for Less Government so that voters will take this choice seriously. All too often, only Big and Bigger options are presented on election ballots, and Gene refuses to accept that any election is truly democratic unless a serious Less Government alternative is presented to every voter in every riding in Ontario. Gene will continue to be that election alternative in his riding for as long as possible.

Of course, Gene knows that it is very unlikely that a Libertarian government will be formed anytime soon. However, Andrew Breitbart famously claimed that “politics is downstream of culture” and this has continued to fuel Gene’s desire to shift our political culture through advocacy and writing.

In Gene’s view, sound principles are a prerequisite for sound public policies. They are the principles needed most:  Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Respect and Fairness under unbiased legislation. The pandemic had shown us that a cultural shift towards these principled of way overdue. Freedom of Choice is finally beginning to make sense to the majority of our citizens.

These days, Gene writes and publishes essays from a Libertarian perspective. You can get a glimpse into his life lens by subscribing to his Substack account at [email protected] and on MeWe at

Adrien Berthier

Adrien Berthier

After coming to Sudbury in 2000 in search of work, I have worked at such places as Primerica, Western Inventory, Chapters, and

I have travelled to many places in the world and even lived overseas. But I've grown to love Sudbury. The city offers a combination of economic activity and Northern Ontario wilderness.

I have volunteered at the Canadian Blood Services and St Timothys church in the past.

I consider myself a Seventh day Adventist and a vegan. I love the outdoors and the hiking opportunities of the area.

My experiences serving every day Sudburians on a day-to-day basis on the front lines of local business will be to the advantage of all residents of Sudbury. I am sensitive to the needs of all residents of the city and believe that I offer a unique and refreshing alternative to the usual candidates.

I want to advocate for small business owners and entrepreneurs to create jobs for people of all walks of life. If elected, I would like to donate 25% percent of my MPP salary to the Sudbury food bank.

Michelle Lashbrook

Michelle Lashbrook

I volunteered to be the Libertarian candidate for the Nipissing District because I believe that evil prevails when good people do nothing

I am a native of Northern Ontario and started my life in Timmins before moving to North Bay and then to Callander. I am of French, English, and Algonquin ancestry and am bilingual. I am also a status Indian with the Timiskaming First Nations. I have been calling Callander home since 2004 and now live here with my amazing partner Pat, who has been my rock.

We have five children, the eldest three are mine and are now young adults. My eldest two daughters and a son-in-law live with us part-time along with my six grandchildren. Our oldest grandchild is autistic and as a family, we have risen up to meet the demands of this challenge. There is never a dull moment in our home! 

I am a small business owner, operating Gateway Monuments out of our home since 2017. My partner also owns and operates a small business called HomePro Canada. I spent time at the PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise as their Northeastern Business Consultant, I spend a lot of time interacting with small and medium sized business owners and have worked in remote locations such as Moose Factory to help women start, maintain, and grow their businesses. 

Most of my work experience has been in sales. I was the Sales and Marketing Manager at Barclay House Independent Senior Living, Sales & Front Office Manager at the Best Western North Bay, Sales with the North Bay Trappers, Sales with La Tribune in Sturgeon Falls. I have sat on several Boards in various positions: I am chair of the Northern Freedom Alliance, a group of people promoting medical freedom of choice in Northern Ontario. I am also a board member of the Freedom Community, the Event Coordinator for the Women’s Business Network and the Chair of the International Student Exchange with the North Bay Rotary Club.

I am entering politics because more voices for freedom are desperately needed in society. There are serious violations of our fundamental civil liberties being committed: our property rights are being eroded, our rights as parents are being taken away, and our right to bodily autonomy is being trampled on. I am concerned that the traditional systems of checks and balances on government power have failed or are failing. Government overreach is at historic levels and people are falling into poverty at an alarming rate because of economic lock-downs, price inflation, and high taxes. It is time to restore the rule of law in Ontario and hold our leaders accountable for their failure to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in a way that respects human rights. In the aftermath of this crisis, it is time for all of us to seriously re-examine the principles of individual freedom, personal responsibility, fairness, and respect. 

The 2022 Libertarian platform provides those of us who want to take personal responsibility for our own lives with an opportunity to opt out of government services and choose non-coercive alternatives instead. We have a plan to do this that is both fair and does not take away government services from those who still want or need them.    

In Freedom, always,

Michelle Lashbrook

Stefanos Karatopis

Profile picture for Stefanos Karatopis

My name is Stefanos Karatopis.

I am single, and a proud Father who values hard work and raised my sons on my own.

I speak, read, and write Greek fluently.

I have lived in West Lincoln almost all my life.

At the age of 13 I obtained my Computer Technician Diploma and shortly after opened my own home based computer business.

I have been in our family owned and operated poultry business up till 2011.

I have completed an entrepreneur course at Niagara College.

I was a Director on the Agios Haralambos Greek Association in West Lincoln.

I am a member and volunteer with the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

I am a past President of the Niagara Landowners Association.

I am currently a Governor with the Ontario Landowners Association.

I am one of the Founding Directors on the International Property Rights Association.

I am a Reporter/Photographer for The Landowner Magazine.

I have recently obtained my Paralegal Diploma from Algonquin Careers Academy.

I have been an advocate for people all over Ontario assisting them free of charge from overzealous bureaucrats and Government overreach on all levels. In 2016 I was presented the Landowner of the Year award for my private property rights work in the Niagara Region where I had achieved many successful outcomes, including for my parents while they were out of country in 2009.

I have worked and will continue to work tirelessly for private property rights and the reason why I will strive to become a licensed paralegal and open a law firm with a lawyer partner in Niagara.

I am a Libertarian and stand for Liberty and to keep Ontario a non-communist state and make it so that everyone can keep their hard earned money instead of it being stolen by a greedy needy grossly overgrown Government and to bring wealth and prosperity back to Ontario. To make Ontario a place where our children and their children can enjoy a life of wealth and freedom where private property is NOT considered a social injustice.

Mark Snow

Mark Snow, Leader

Why am I running?

I have decided to run in this election after 30 years of promises by the big 3 parties and not delivering on those promises.  I voted Conservative all my life and realized about 4 yrs ago, my vote did not count. For me, the simple reality was that the current parties no longer have your needs in mind. For the big parties, it seems to be a game of power and somewhere along the line, we the voters have gotten lost in that democratic process. 

A power struggle exists between the taxpayer and the power of the politician.  Each election period and in between, more and more of our tax dollars have been taken from us, with less and less services being provided.  The ever-present growth in government and regulations have strangled the innovation and business sectors in Ontario.  The constant attacks on taxpayers must stop and government needs to be controlled, by the people.

Ontario went from the Engine of Canada (2003), to needing transfer payments and have lost our way as the business leader of Canada.

I found the Ontario Libertarian Party in 2015, right off the bat, the principles of the Party struck a nerve with me.  It spoke to me right away about the problem of government being over reaching into individuals lives.  The more I considered that reach, the more I learned how much we as Parents and receivers of government services is wasted on bureaucracy which is taking away from services.  It is that rationing of every government service that is wrong.

We pay taxes, fees, and we expect those taxes/fees to be used wisely.  This is not occurring and needs to be fixed. The big 3 parties are not interested in that, they are out there trying to buy your vote with your own Tax Dollars and it is wrong. 

The people of Ontario should control those tax dollars, and with that, then they will control all government service with choice.  That choice and control over your tax dollars will then put you, the taxpayer in charge.  We will do what no politician can ever do, give you control of your government controlled services.  That is true power, that is true democracy, that can and should be the power of the people over government.

When this occurs, then you (the people) control the government and the government only becomes a guide to the people’s choices.

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My name is Mark Snow and I am your Ontario Libertarian Candidate for Leeds--Grenville--Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes.

My wife and I moved to Barrhaven in Nepean in 2005 and have been raising our two kids since then.  My wife is a nurse and has worked in the Public and Private environment since 1994, between my military missions overseas. We have been married 23 years and enjoy our summers at a trailer park, living the cottage life. We moved to the country in 2020 where I will run as your candidate for Leeds--Grenville--Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes in 2022.

Jacques Boudreau

Profile picture of Jacques Boudreau

Professionally, I’m an actuary and I’ve worked in the life insurance industry for 35 years including 10 as an Appointed Actuary. My area of expertise is the funding of financial security systems such as life insurance, pensions and government programs such as Medicare, OAS and the CPP. The staggering $2.7 trillion of unfunded liabilities of these programs is unsustainable and must be addressed as soon as possible.

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Until 16 years ago I was a typical middle-of-the-road Canadian who, at one point or another, had voted for each of the traditional parties. But I then discovered the works of Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, Bastiat and many others and realized that I could no longer defend my previously held beliefs because they were wrong.

I now believe in the non-aggression principle, freedom, liberty and the smallest government we can get away with.

John Kittredge

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Born in Montreal, John, 66, and his wife Carol have lived in Leaside for 30 years. Their four children, Rob, Scott, Joy and Steve, are now all into careers of their own and John and Carol are enjoying their first grandchild, five year old Jack. John did graduate work in the physical sciences (Chem. / Phys.) at McGill and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from McGill, as well as a Master of Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario.

He served in the Canadian Forces Supplementary Reserve for 25 years after attaining the assignment of Training Officer, McGill Contingent, and rank of Captain in the Canadian Officer Training Corps.

He is President of CEO Performance Inc., an independent management consulting firm focusing on performance improvement. He has helped businesses and government organizations throughout the US and Canada, as well as Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, to address the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations.

More government is not the answer to the problems in Don Valley West or elsewhere. Government is the root cause of most of these problems. John's experience and proven capability in challenging performance situations will be applied to the dramatic reduction of the deadweight of government in our province.

John has been a champion of less government meddling in the lives, economy and freedom of Canadians for over 40 years and a Libertarian Party member for decades.